About us

BEOG is a commercial union of Bulgarian producers of rare organic and top quality and 100% pure herbal essential oils,
brought together by common ideals and goals.

BEOG consolidates the efforts of its founders and members to promote organic agriculture, particularly the production of high quality organic essential oils. The main goal of the group is to attract adherents who appreciate the value of natural products and who treasure the natural resources of which Bulgaria is so rich.

BEOG offers to its customers products that are grown and produced by our own members’ organic certified fields, distilled in our own distillery.

Currently BEOG owns and runs more than 160 hectares of Melissa, Saint John’s Wort, Chamomile, Elecampane, Wild Oregano, Yarrow, Rue, Winter Savory, Lovage, Angelica, Lavender and Dill.

The development plans of BEOG include gradual increase of our own fields and varieties of plants. In 2010 the plans are to create more that 50 hectares of different elite cultivated herbs varieties.

The quality of BEOG’s produced essential oils predetermines the high demand that they provoke among the specialists in perfumery, fragrance, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

BEOG was founded by the Bulgarian company RKL Ltd, who have years of hands-on experience in cultivated herbs growing and distillation of essential oils, as well as profound commercial experience in international trade. The main task of the founders is to unite the various small farmers under a standardized and controlled production and distillation process so as their special products to be able to meet the high standards of the world markets.